The Calgary Volunteer Fair is born from the idea that, while online information is exceedingly useful in so many ways, it still just can't beat face-to-face conversation. In many cases, there remains no better way to learn and share information than with human beings talking.

While online listings of volunteer opportunities are excellent for those who already know what they are looking for, it just doesn't compare to meeting an organization and learning what they're about. What opportunities do they have? What is expected of volunteers? What is the volunteer position really like?


The Calgary Volunteer Fair is being organized by the Calgary Volunteer Fair Society, a registered non-profit organization. The Society was formed in 2018, its sole intent being to develop and operate an annual volunteer fair. Current members of the board of directors are:
President - John Smiley
Vice President - Alexandra Grams
Secretary - Suzanne Ferguson
PR Phenom - Lyn Cadence
Treasurer - pending


The fair itself will be a one-day affair, gathering 60 local organizations that utilize the services of volunteers in one place. Attendees will be able to attend the event at no cost and gather information from as many organizations as they can possibly handle. We will be including agencies serving a wide variety of interests, from animal welfare to health initiatives to immigration and senior services.