INFORMATION For Exhibitors

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting your organization at the inaugural Calgary Volunteer Fair!

We have researched similar events by talking to organizers of fairs in other locales, including Chicago ​and Kelowna (who will be hosting their 2​2nd! year in 201​9). Kelowna sees an average of 1,000 attendees at their event each year. Chicago--a much bigger city, to be sure--had over 5,000 eager volunteers attend their event in early 2018.

ARF volunteer

Aneil Rajaram, a valued volunteer with ARF. Photo courtesy of Thousand Woofs Photography For Dogs.

Our attendee goal for year ​two is a minimum of 600 Calgarians seeking volunteer opportunities. To support this intent, we will be using our existing connections with local media to announce and promote the event. We also have some great, local radio advertising this year to really bring in the crowds. Our goal is for each of our exhibitors to come away with the opinion that exhibiting for a few hours at the Calgary Volunteer Fair is some of the most fruitful work they do each year in attracting new volunteers.

We will be endeavouring to keep the cost to exhibitors as low as possible. Based upon feedback, there will be a selection of registration options, details of which will soon be announced. ​

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