Calgary Volunteer Fair

Helping Calgarians find their perfect volunteer opportunity.

2024 Fall Volunteer Fair

More details coming soon!

2024 Event

What does it mean to find the perfect volunteer opportunity? It means finding the right place to invest in both your community and in yourself. What do you care most about? What experiences do you want to have? What do you want to learn? What do you not want to do?

Details about this year’s fair will be announced soon.

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Choosing the perfect opportunity will be much easier when you can talk in person with the organizations and agencies that need your help.

Meet the Directors

The Calgary Volunteer Fair is being organized by the Calgary Volunteer Fair Society, a registered non-profit organization. The Society was formed in 2018, its sole intent being to develop and operate an annual volunteer fair.

Alexandra Kryska Grams


Matt Petrie

Vice President

Lindsey Allen


ARF volunteer
Aneil Rajaram, a valued volunteer with ARF. Photo courtesy of Thousand Woofs Photography For Dogs.

About CVF

The Calgary Volunteer Fair is born from the idea that, while online information is exceedingly useful in so many ways, it still just can’t beat face-to-face conversation. In many cases, there remains no better way to learn and share information than with human beings talking.

While online listings of volunteer opportunities are excellent for those who already know what they are looking for, it just doesn’t compare to meeting an organization and learning what they’re about. What opportunities do they have? What is expected of volunteers? What is the volunteer position really like?

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